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Lawyering can be hard and overwhelming but it doesn't have to be for you. There are ways to make practice joyful and profitable!

Dina Eisenberg Outsourcing & Onboarding Queen

Hi, I'm Dina. You need a caring trustworthy team by your side and the ability to outsource when needed.

I'm here to help you with both of those things.


Outsourcing allows you to get more done with better results without doing everything yourself.

Inside, you'll find a delegation training I did for LOMAP.  

If you want help creating your own outsourcing strategy, let's get on a Make Progress call

If finding resources is the issue, I got you.  My delegation subscription box will tell you what to delegate and share the Talent to do it for you. 

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Onboarding properly ensures that your new hire aligns with your core values and goals, supports you the way you want and happily helps to accelerate your business or law firm growth.

Inside, you'll find the Masterclass Replay



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Train your Perfect Paralegal Sept 14

Hello there. Are you ready to have a Perfect Paralegal?

You’re here because you want to focus on practicing law.  You want a team who gets you and gets the work done. You’re here because you want your law practice to grow. All good things.

During Train your Perfect Paralegal, you’ll learn to shift your mindset from lawyer to CEO and how to think about and train your employees so they can do their best work in supporting you.

Inside Unstoppable Lawyer Playbook, you'll

  • Shift from being a worker bee to a CEO mindset
  • Identify the values, interests, goals and vision for your firm
  • Develop your Ideal Best Employee Avatar so you never pick another dud
  • Write your Law Firm Legend so you can easily convey what your firm is about to new employees
  • Envision your future and create an Org chart to match
  • Design custom Orientation and Onboarding plans that you can use again and again as you bring on new staff.

Did you know you could save $2900 a year?

Let's do the math

Say you spend 5 hours a week doing paralegal work at $225/hr that's $1125 a week of billable time lost to you.

If you had a perfect paralegal who you paid $35/hr, you’d make back $950 a week (225-35)

Plus you could bill her time at $150/hr meaning you make $115 on each hour she worked

If she worked 5 hours per week, you’d gain 950 + 575=1525 per week, a profit of 400

If your Perfect Paralegal works 20 hours per month. You save approximately $2900 per month or $35K per year. SWEET!!

Can’t wait to make those coins?  JOIN.  I’m here to see you WIN!

Warmly, Dina

Group Tuition: $3500     

Payment plan 4 payments of $963

Private Tuition: $4700

Payment plan 4 payments of $1293

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Employee Conflict Coaching

What is a Conflict Coaching Session?

You know how when you're in thick of something tricky it can be hard to manage your emotions and think clearly? Your Conflict Coaching Session is the best way to step back, assess the situation and get options for moving forward from a neutral third party.

When misunderstandings or conflict pop up in your law practice it can be very challenging to know what to say or do to resolve things.  As your Employee Conflict Coach, I help you to:

    • Assess the situation
    • Brainstorm the options to solve the problem
    • Determine if an employee needs to be released
    • Coach you through difficult conversations including practice
    • Serve as your external Ombuds to mediate incidents as needed

Attending a Conflict Coaching session makes a lot of sense when you consider the cost of ongoing conflict or the expense of hiring new help.

You'll leave feeling more confident and relaxed with

  • a strategic plan for resolving the conflict
  • language to help you clearly get your message across
  • new conflict management skills
  • a better understanding of your conflict style
  • more ability to work with employee conflicts

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Make Progress 1:1 Private Coaching


The Making Progress call is a unique strategy session designed specifically to reveal obstacles holding you back and map out your growth plan.

If you are seeking clarity, purpose, and directions on how to take impactful action for your business, this is for you.

We can discuss what’s important to you, including:

  • Decide what is a priority to delegate
  • Create an outsourcing strategy for your business
  • Think through your orientation or onboarding process
  • Outline the steps to hire a virtual assistant or professional
  • Refine your vision of an ideal best client and your next steps to find them locally
  • Talk through staff or attorney conflicts
  • Craft  tailored workflow automation for something like blog post creation

What do you get?  

Along with feeling lighter, happier and more empowered than ever...

  • Clarity and a greater understanding of your business or mindset
  • Brainstorming the shortest, easiest path to implementation
  • Answers to questions that would delay or derail you
  • Recommendation of talent and tools you need
  • Truthful sounding board
  • 75 minutes of private time with a fellow entrepreneur
  • Recording of your session for future reference

Ready to reclaim your time, peace of mind, and freedom by using on-demand, as- needed help, let’s talk



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