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Train your Perfect Paralegal Overflow Jan 25 2020

Maximize your billable hours and earn more while minimizing stress and overwork!

Who else wants to have a satisfying law practice because you have the perfect paralegal who aligns with your values, works the way you do and wants to help you grow!

Who doesn't want a paralegal who Makes Life Easier in Every Way!

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TYPP2.0 Intensive - February 8, 2020

Nobody learns how to run a business or lead a team while in law school. But, you’re expected to know how to go out on your own firm. You become the receptionist, file clerk, researcher, office manager, marketer and more. You realize I need help but you’re not sure what to do or say once you hire your new paralegal

Train your Perfect Paralegal answers your questions and gives you a step-by-step system for introducing a paralegal to your law firm the right way

The Intensive is designed for busy lawyers. so we cover all the lessons of the course from:

The Sovereign Nation of You
Your Law Firm Origin Story
Your Ideal Best Employee Avatar The 3 Pillars that Elevate your Staff The First Day- Orientation

How to Set Expectation Observational Feedback
How to Train your Paralegal How to Release an Employee

In 3 + hours. After a half-day, you have the knowledge and tools to make changes that improve your law firm immediately.

The Intensive is a small group of up to 12 success-minded lawyers. We meet online via Zoom for the class then you have lifetime access to the online course portal for video lessons, quizzes, worksheets, and more. You discover what you want and learn how to get it.

This course is different than anything you’ve experienced because

The topic! Nobody is focusing on this. Lawyers are challenged when it comes to onboarding. I specialize in teaching a thoughtful, repeatable system for training paralegals. Other programs overlook this or treat it lightly. Your staff is what makes you unstoppable!

Integrated -my course combines the mindset work that allows you to make changes with actionable skill-building so it doesn’t take a year of coaching to see results

as a lawyer who has been to the ‘soft side’ I know and teach how to be an empathetic and effective leader instead of focusing on the employee manual.

This learning experience will transform your confidence
-more empathy


And your law practice

-more billable hours
-boost in monthly revenue -organized repeatable system -productive paralegal
-steady growth

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FREE RESOURCES Onboarding and Outsourcing

Lawyering can be hard and overwhelming but it doesn't have to be for you. There are ways to make practice joyful and profitable!

Dina Eisenberg Outsourcing & Onboarding Queen

Hi, I'm Dina. Lawyer. Onboarding & Outsourcing Queen. Ombudsman. Author. Speaker.

You have to sacrifice your home life, health and happiness to be a real or good lawyer.

In fact, I believe that because you chose to devote your life to helping others solve their legal problems and live a better life you deserve to be well paid and to enjoy your practice.

One of the best ways of achieving those things is to get help in your law firm, whether you hire a paralegal, legal assistant or associate.

My goal is to help you earn more while leveraging your time by properly onboarding and training new paralegals.

For every 10 hours that you spend doing non-billable work each week, you're losing $2250 or more

Get that money back and add a second revenue stream by onboarding your perfect paralegal!


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