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You have a successful law practice now but know that the grind that got you here won't work to get to the next level

You know you could 10x your income if you added revenue streams but just don't know how (or it it's worthwhile for you)

You want to pivot your law practice to set you up for new adventures or a retired lifestyle

My mission is to give you that knowledge, mindset and tools to achieve those goals without sacrificing your family or health

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Am I Ready to Delegate Quiz

1 Lessons

Having a solid foundation is the start to all good things. Take a moment to discover where you are before you start to build.

Let's begin with the question that I am asked the most during speaking engagements:

How do I know I'm ready to delegate?


It's a good question. You had to take a test and pass before you were ready to practice law. So it makes sense that should be a test or at least a bat signal to say start delegating.

Take the Quiz

Dammit List - Exercise

1 Lessons

Baseline exercise to determine what's on your plate and why it's so full.

Comparison Chart Upwork v Fiverr

1 Lessons

How do you know  when it's better to use Upwork over Fiverr? Check the Comparison Chart!

The Foundation Checklist

1 Lessons

Back in the day, legal marketing meant going to the country club and golfing.  Now it means something completely different.

Successful lawyers today understand that their personal and firm brand is everything for attracting clients and having well-reasoned systems and automation allow them to serve those clients much better.



Free Training- How to Attract your Ideal Best Client in 3 Simple Steps

1 Lessons

You can have better clients who appreciate you, cooperate and pay on time.  You just need a plan!

This powerful training reinforces that you need to have a plan and offers the framework. It “forcing us” to deliberately think about and define who we are an attorney and making that foremost and intentional. You can’t be squishy or undefined. anymore after this talk. I highly recommend. Billi Copeland


84 Things Lawyers Outsource

1 Lessons

Discover what other lawyers are outsourcing

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