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FREE PDF Your Best Employee Avatar Worksheet

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Just like you want to attract your ideal client, you want to attract your best employee.

You know, the employee who aligns with your values and goals, gets your mission and is there to hold you down while you chase your big dreams.

Use this Avatar Worksheet to determine what a 'best employee' looks like for you.  If you can't envision it, you can't get it. #BeIntentional

FREE Outsourcing Overflow Work for Lawyers - LOMAP presentation

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84 Things Lawyers Outsource

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Discover what other lawyers are outsourcing

PODCAST Interview The Biz Babes Collective

How do you delegate when you can't let go?

That's the question Stephanie Blake of the Biz Babe Collective asked me to answer on your station, Biz Babe Radio.

On this episode of Biz Babe Radio, I’m speaking with Dina Eisenberg of Outsource Easier. She's the owner of OutsourceEasier, a training firm that helps small business owners and lawyers skip the hard part when it comes to delegating and on-boarding a team.

She talks about how to delegate when you can’t let go - I've mentioned before that I'm a control freak and letting go in every part of my life and business has always been hard for me so I was really excited to hear the tips that she shared!