Train your Perfect Paralegal Overflow Jan 25 2020


Does this sound familiar?

You hire someone who seems great… until they start working for you.

Suddenly you find yourself needing to spell out every single job that needs to be done.

Before long, you find yourself working nights and weekends redoing the work they “forgot.”

You even end up apologizing to clients when something falls through the cracks, making you look bad, and leaving you wondering if hiring an employee was really worth it.

A month later, they quit.

The fact is that it costs $4K to hire a new employee… but it costs even more not to hire one.

And although it may seem like a lose/lose proposition, there’s one simple step you can take to avoid the whole frustrating experience.

Do it right and you’ll be able to spend your billable time working on tasks that make you money!

 Invest in Train your Perfect Paralegal 2.0 TYPP2 is a learning experience like no other.

What Students Say

Train your Perfect Paralegal 2.0

TYPP2 is a two-part training that teaches you how to onboard and train your perfect paralegal using a proven, easy-to-use system that gives you the specific answers you need to run and scale your law practice. (onboarding is the way to introduce your firm to your new hire)

The Intensive- Part 1

Get all. the. things. in this 4-hour interactive Masterclass where we cover each one of the six modules in the course.

You meet and get inspired by lawyers who are motivated to grow a happy, productive workplace just like you are. Someone is gonna ask that question you never thought of-happens every time.

The Mentoring - Part 2

The problem is, it's hard to know what to do and whether you're doing the right thing when it comes to employees.

We didn't learn how to run a business in law school, much less how to motivate and manage a team.

The Mentoring Sessions provide an excellent opportunity for you to ask questions, validate your ideas and generally have a safe, confidential sounding board to come to with those sticky situations.

You meet in a group with me via Zoom for 8 weeks to revisit the module lesson, get feedback and answer your questions.  Some folks said it's the highlight of their week.

Designed for lawyers by a lawyer, this program is designed to take your busy schedule into account. 

The Intensive provides you with a quick start- you leave with everything you need to know as well as with worksheets, guides, and checklists to assist you.  Get it all done in one shot!

Mentoring works with your unpredictable schedule.  You have flexibility and accountability.  You can reschedule one of your mentoring sessions because law happens

The Course Portal puts the entire course at your fingertips!  All the video lessons and worksheets are here and you have lifetime access.  

All your work is kept together in the portal making it easy for us to review it together.


  • Practical, step-by-step training
  • Lifetime access to the Portal
  • Video Lessons
  • Ideal Best Employee Avatar
  • Law Firm Legend
  • Orientation Day Agenda
  • First Conversation
  • Orientation Checklist
  • Onboarding Checklist


  • Design your firm culture
  • Identify and deepen your mission and vision for your firm
  • Reveal the values and skills that mean the most of you and what you want and need in your paralegal 
  • Use a yardstick to find the right paralegal for you
  • Unearth the limiting beliefs or assumptions that are keeping you stuck and how to change them
  • help your paralegal be self-sufficient and engaged
  • Use systems to organize your practice and increase efficiency and earnings.
  • Give meaningful feedback that your paralegal can hear and act upon.
  • Trust yourself and delegate more!

If all that sounds not just good, but great, get on the waitlist right NOW.

What's the investment?

What would it mean to you and your law practice to have an extra $8k in revenue every month?

Less financial pressure?

More income for you?

Paying off student loans?

Having the money to treat your family?

My students increase the monthly revenue and typically get a return the first month they have their new hire.

I'd love to be there and support you as you hire your perfect paralegal who is eager and able to grow your law firm. 

Warmly, Dina Eisenberg

I got a seat!

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2 Lessons

Hi   Ready to go?  Let's do a little pre-work to warm up.

10 Reasons Why Onboarding is a Great Investment

1 Lessons

Let's start at the very beginning.  10 Reasons why Onboarding is a great investment.

5 Steps to a Happy Hire

1 Lessons

This overview walks you through the 5 steps to onboard properly.

The Sovereign Nation of YOU #SNOU Module 1

4 Lessons

They say that no (wo)man is an island. That's true.  Every lawyer is their own nation!  The Sovereign Nation of YOU!

What the important rules, milestones, events that your new hire must know to succeed?

The learning objectives:

  • Identify your core values
  • Capture your mission
  • Create a law firm mantra
  • Reveal your non-negotiables
  • Identify the traits and behaviors that indicate good performance
  • Identify those offenses which lead to termination
  • Acquire a better understanding of your firm culture
  • Reveal any hidden or limiting beliefs.


Writing your Law Firm Legend Module 2

1 Lessons

Every great brand has a story behind it. Think about how McDonald's got started or the story of Apple.

Your law firm also has a story. Capturing your story makes it easier to convey your firm culture to new hires, puts all the relevant factual information in one place and gives you the opportunity to refresh or revise your thoughts about your mission and vision for your law firm.

In this module, you'll...

  • apply what you learned about you to your law firm
  • create a document that shares your mission and values
  • captures your firm culture

This is a fun walk down memory lane and a chance to predict the future. Go with it!


What is a Paralegal? Module 3

1 Lessons

The word paralegal gets tossed around pretty liberally. But can you define the role?  What is a paralegal exactly and what can she do for you? 

Let's answer that question so we're all on the same page.

Creating your Orientation Plan Module 4

7 Lessons

First impressions are important. Help your new hire have a great first impression of your and your firm by planning a fabulous and organized first day.

Inside this module, you'll write your Project Legend and Delegation List

Write your Onboarding Program Module 5

4 Lessons

Your onboarding program is different from your orientation plan.  Orientation is a one-time event but onboarding is ongoing!

Your onboarding program should be at least 30 days, 90 days preferably.  The goal is to integrate your new hire into your practice and help them to learn their job. 

Plan to give your new hire a series of progressively more responsible projects to discover their skill level and how well they learn.  You'll have an opportunity to give them observational feedback

Learning Objectives

Capture your Onboarding Philosophy

Identify 3-5 projects to delegate to your new hire

Write down how you plan to evaluate the new projects

Schedule a calendar for your 5-minute meetings and project reviews

Get New Hire feedback

Debrief your onboarding plan and modify if needed

Leading with Confidence & Empathy Module 6

2 Lessons

Everything starts with you. You are the leader of your law firm.  Great leaders are made, not born. This module puts you on the path to greatness.

In this module, you'll discover my favorite leadership books.

Things Lawyers Outsource

2 Lessons

Guide to the things Lawyers outsource at work and at home!