Orientation and Onboarding Success for Lawyers


Did you know that 69% of new hires stay up to 3 years when they have great onboarding experience?  And, they are up to speed 25% faster.  Sweet!

Don't go it alone

Get help onboarding your new hires properly. Your new hires are engaged, motivated and productive from Day 1! (and you stay off the hiring rollercoaster for so much longer!)

This is a half-day intensive workshop via Zoom where you will create your orientation plan and onboarding program.

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"I got a lot out of it" Sarah Nichols, Nichols Law


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PREVIEW Orientation and Onboarding Success for Lawyers

1 Lessons

Workshop Overview for Orientation and Onboarding Success for Lawyers


  • Why Onboarding is important
  • The benefits of onboarding properly
  • The work and financial costs of onboarding poorly
  • Definitions for Law Firm Legend, Orientation Plan and Onboarding Program
  • Info on included materials

Welcome to the Workshop!

1 Lessons

Welcome to the Workshop message

5 Steps to a Happy Hire

1 Lessons

You're just 5 steps away from an amazing onboarding experience.

The Sovereign Nation of YOU #SNOU

1 Lessons

They say that no man is an island. That's true.  Every lawyer is their own nation!  Create the travel guide for your law firm.


Law Firm Legend

2 Lessons

Your Guide to writing the story of your Law Firm

Write your Orientation Plan

2 Lessons

First impressions are important. Help your new hire have a great first impression of your and your firm by planning a fabulous and organized first day.

Write your Onboarding Program

1 Lessons

Things Lawyers Outsource

2 Lessons

Guide to the things Lawyers outsource at work and at home!

[Video] Live Workshop Replay

1 Lessons

All the good stuff happens LIVE.  Here is the replay from our interactive workshop on 4/28